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DIN-rail Industrial Distribution Terminal Blocks
The DIN rail-mounted terminal block series cover the minimum and maximum type which is one of complete category and high performance series launched by UTL. Such kind of connection technology saves 50% time on connecting, meanwhile, guarantees the reliable and maintenance-free connections, as well as is not affected by operating person’s working ability. During the past decades of Unizen’s development, based on the original successful technology, further connection technologies were launched gradually, including screw series, direct push-in series, spring series, base type terminal series and bus-bar series. In addition, each series also contains a wide variety of accessories, such as terminal cover, stopper, cross connection adaptor, test plug and mark bar, etc. Adhering to the concept of rail-mounted connection technology, the reliability and safety of electrical equipment can be improved by above accessories.

Electric Control Cabinet, Elevator, Rail transportation, High-voltage transmission, electrical control equipment.
PCB Terminal Blocks
The task of PCB terminal is providing the reliable wire connection on machineryand electric. It can be effectively achieved by Unizen’s pressing frame. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) has been widely used for many electronic applications and fields, such as electronic watches and even military weapon systems. As long as there are integrated circuits and other electronic components, PCB can be found to be used for electrical interconnection. Except for fixing all sorts of small parts, PCB provides the mechanical support for integrated circuits and other electronic components installation; implementing the wiring and electrical connection or electrical insulation amount all sorts of integrated circuits and other electronic components; providing the electronic features required, for example, the Characteristic Impedance. The requirement of PCB is going higher along with development on complexity of electronic equipment. According to this market environment, a variety of series of PCB connecting solutions have been developend independently by Unizen, including the series of MU, MA, MB and BU.

Power supply, Entrance security system, PLC controller, instrumentation, signal transmission.
Push Buttons&LED Indicators
Appropriate push-button switches are used in the important application. Push-button switch is the most baskc human interface tools widely used for electronic products. Along with the improvement and innovation of industrial level, more diversified and rich visual effects occur on push-button switch.
1.Imported high quality materials, exquisite design, attractive appearance, convenient installation;
2.with a variety of functions in different colors of button, free combination of middle plate and contact base;
3.Wide selection of colors and designs cover almost all what can be found in market.
4.Button’s protection grade reaches IP65.
5.Contact self-cleaning and reliable; lower contact resistance ensure longer lifespan.
Electric cabinet, control box, automation equipment elevator, instruments and meters
The transmissionis not only the light by Unizen’s indicator. From the system state to product quality, everything is under control by using the intelligent lighting and signal technology. Unizen indicator lighting equipment provides the besting indicating inside of the machine, single unit can be adapted by requested.
1. Using high efficient LED lighting technology to extend lifespan and save power consumption
2. Complete product and its accessories to fulfill individual requirements maximum.
3. Higher IP grade to ensure the safety of using in severe environment
4. Fit system according to specific scene lighting and signal, shorten the response time

Electric cabinet, control box, automation equipment, elevator, instruments and meters.

Cable Glands
As the name implies, cable gland provides the waterproofed and reliable connecting for under water or humid conditions. At present the market is full of all kinds of cable glands with different brands, however, only few are the genuine waterproofing cable glands. Unizen as a well-known brand, has a good reputation in domestic and foreign markets in cable gland development and manufacture.

Sealing performance judgment
1. Prevent 1.0-50mm solid intrusion
2. Prevent damage caused by dusty fully flowing in
3. No effect by water dropping when the shell inclined to 15 degree
4. Prevent a strong jet of water, can be used in cabin condition
5. Keep waterproofed under certain pressure.
Electric power equipment, ship machinery, automation equipment, outdoor light junction box, construction machinery, sensors.
A lot easier by using professional tools. Our wide range of tools cover: high quality manual tools, hydraulic toos, electric and pneumatic tools. The functions include various cable cutting, stripping, crimping, tightening and measuring.

UTL’ s tools series:
1. Cable Cutting tools: suitable for ordinary cable and steel armor reinforced and soft steel cable
2. Stripping tools: apply to ordinary cable ,coaxial cable, data cable, etc
3. Crimping tools: suitable for ferrule, HDC pin, data crystal joint, etc.
1. Made of high quality components and materials, durable in use.
2. Human body engineering design, flexible for operating and rich functional
3. Improve working efficiency by using automation equipment
4. Complete variety of products, one-stop purchasing.
Instrumentation electrician, Electrical equipment maintenance, factory wiring.
Cable End Sleeves/Ferrules
Cable end sleeve/ferrule is also known and copper nose which is terminal by crimping on cable/wire/ electrical equipment without thermal treatment. It is a kind of accessories for electrical connections. Unizen supplies a wide range of cable end sleeves to satisfy different demand with premium quality. There must be one meets your criteria.
1. Various shaped of end, to adapt to all kinds of connecting conditions.
2. Made of premium copper and material for longer lifespan and better performance
3. Custom product canbe made upon request.

I/O transmission, automotive, home appliance, industrial control, automation equipment
Industry Plugs
The products with Unizen marks are reliable.

Quality is the most important elements in UNIZEN . Professional R&D , high quality staffs , modern equipment lead to high quality products.

UNIZEN provides different industrial plugs and sockets for different envirment. It has the functions that resistance to bad weather and aging, good space stability and accuracy , good resistance to acid and alkali and effectively prevent power outages and leakage.

The main ares of our products serives for machine equipment, lighting system, constructional engineering etc. Three features: safe, durable , time-saving.

You deserve to have.

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